There are so many of these. God knows how many are still in print. I've linked to publishers as possible (some are available for free download), but query if anything appeals.

Twenty-one stories (above/ground press, 2020)
Imaginary stories (DevilHousePress, 2017)
Four Stories (Apostrophe Press, 2016)
The Uncertainty Principle: stories, (Sacrifice Press, 2013)

nine small(er) essays (above/ground press, 2006)

Retreat journal : (Turret House, 2024)
river / estuaries (with Julie Carr; above/ground press, 2023)
edgeless: letters (above/ground press, 2023)
Poems for Frank O'Hara's birthday (Palabrosa, 2023)
The Alta Vista Improvements (above/ground press, 2023)
Poems for a return to the world
(Rose Garden Press, 2022)

Autobiography (above/ground press, 2022)
Poems for Lunch Poems at SFU (above/ground press, 2020)
Anstruther, a history (Anstruther Press, 2020)
Portrait of a deer (post ghost press, 2019)
Somewhere in-between / cloud (above/ground press / Dusie, 2019)
Glossary of Musical Terms (where is the river, 2018)
Study of a fox (above/ground press, 2018)
snow day (above/ground press, 2018)
Sex at Forty-Five (The Blasted Tree, 2017)
It's still winter (above/ground press, 2017)
Household items (Apostrophe Press, 2017)
Cervantes’ bones (words(on)pages, 2017)
Forty-seventh birthday (Apostrophe Press, 2017)
A perimeter (Apostrophe Press, 2016)
King Kong (Apostrophe Press, 2016; above/ground press, 2016)
Honeymoon. (sketches, (knives and forks and spoons press, 2015)
The Rose Concordance (Apostrophe Press, 2015; above/ground press, 2015)
Mouth of the Rat (Porkbelly Press, 2015)
Texture: Louisiana (above/ground press, 2015) : download pdf :
Now that fall has fully broken in, (shirt pocket press, 2014)
distinctions: (Apostrophe Press, 2014)
The Key of A (SPACECRAFT, 2014)
Acceptance speech (phafours, 2014)
How the alphabet was made (Apostrophe Press, 2014; above/ground press, 2014)
from Hark: a journal, (above/ground press, 2014)
The creeks (above/ground press, 2013)
site map: draft (100 tĂȘtes Press, 2013)
Mother Firth’s (Gaspereau Press, 2013)
Trace, (above/ground press, 2013)
Poem Beginning with a line by Pinder (above/ground press, 2012)
Miss Canada (Bywords, 2012)
Notes, on the subject of marriage: (above/ground press, 2012)
Lemonade: Polydactyl (or the cat with twenty-two toes (Grey Borders Books, 2012)
Miss Canada (Corrupt Press, 2012)
This, circular tower (above/ground press, 2012)
The Linden Lea transitions, (Gorse Press, 2012)
12 untitled and unknown coordinates, / epyllions, / , epithelials (Free Poetry For, 2012)
Goldfish: studies in fine thread (above/ground press, 2012)
Sextet: six poems from Songs for little sleep, (above/ground press, 2012)
Red Giant (unarmed journal, 2012)
lake, (&then&then, 2011) : download pdf :
C. (little red leaves, 2011)
The underside of the line, (above/ground press, 2011)
Escarpment pages, (Smallminded Books, 2011; Apostrophe Press, 2012)
Linden Lea (Grey Borders Books, 2011)
red notebooks, (The Red Ceilings Press, 2011)
Your torn, infectious bliss, (Gold Wake Press, 2010)
First you know, and then so ordinary, (above/ground press, 2010; second printing, 2011; third printing, 2012)
16 Yonge (above/ground press, 2010)
house: a (tiny) memoir (AngelHousePress, 2010)
Some Forty (above/ground press, 2010)
how it is I am not married / I want to sleep in the runcible spoon (lipstick press, 2010)
Poems for Lainna (above/ground press, 2009)
convivial (by the skin of me teeth books, 2009)
avalanche (Apostrophe Press, 2009)
Ottawa: A Field Guide (above/ground press, 2008)
open (prose) body: twenty-three (incomplete) poems (Dirty Ratpack Press, 2008)
recycled cities, with Trisia Eddy (Red Nettle Press, 2008)
the acts (Rubicon Press, 2008)
map of edmonton (rossdale flats) (above/ground press, 2008)
After Spicer (draft) (Apostrophe Press, 2007)
the geography of the present (Laurel Reed Books, 2007)
avalanche (Outside Voices, 2007)
ottawa poems (blue notes) (small chapbook project, 2007)
glengarry notes: march break (Dusty Owl Press, 2006)
Perth Flowers (Nomados, 2006)
aubade sampler (Broken Jaw Press, 2006)
the address book (erasure) (ground press, 2006)
generations (Martian Press, 2006)
six strains: variations (ground press, 2006)
the blind aesthetic (or, sorry im all ears) (Apostrophe Press, 2006)
nine variations on the fifth muse (ground press, 2005)
carnage (As We Try & Sleep Press, 2005)
hydrant (ground press, 2005)
33 lines, a stolen phrase & a short apology (Apostrophe Press, 2005)
a week of quiet (2005, above/ground press)
common knowledge (Pooka Press, 2004)
g h o s t s (Furniture Press, 2004)
monopoly/antiques (above/ground press, 2004)
corrective lenses (Bad Moon Books, 2004)
fourteen hearts: a grist (Cubicle Press, 2004)
m e t r i c s (Apostrophe Press, 2004)
the true eventual story of buffalo bill (xpress(ed), 2003)
the collected books of rob mclennan (ground press, 2003)
search and rescue (Mercutio Press, 2003)
morning edition (above/ground press, 2003)
the other side of the mouth (BookThug, 2003)
a little white li(n)e (The Drunken Boat, 2002)
a translation: stones & ice (greenboathouse books, 2002)
voice-over 1.0 + 1.5 (camenae press, 2002)
4 glengarry poems (above/ground press, 2002)
Year of the Horse (above/ground press, 2002)
red earth (above/ground press, 2002)
breath & bone (Apostrophe Press, 2002)
effectively reading past cards (as i see it (above/ground press, 2001)
some breaths (Staccato, 2001)
lost (Pooka Press, 2001)
occupant (Apostrophe Press, 2001)
sex at 31 (above/ground press, 2001)
An Affair, or within (above/ground press, 2000)
it doesnt matter (hmspress, 2000)
van goghs ear (above/ground press, 2000)
harvest (Black Squirrel Press, 2000)
cranial devices (above/ground press, 1999)
bridge of sighs/inflections of desire (with Anne Stone) (Ink Link, 1999)
the wiser (housepress, 1999)
a song about Nelson Ball (above/ground press, 1999)
confectionery airs (Apostrophe Press, 1999)
bagne (housepress, 1999)
had i written a poem about montreal, it would have looked like this (above/ground press, 1999)
last leaves (Reference West, 1998)
good town for a bad dancer (above/ground press, 1998)
Manitoba highway map (V) (above/ground press, 1998)
four Richard Brautigan poems (above/ground press, 1998)
Notes on drowning (above/ground press, 1997)
dreaming elizabeth (above/ground press, 1997)
a history of trains (Grove Avenue Press, 1997)
Book of the Hours (above/ground press, 1997)
dead city radio (Apostrophe Press, 1997)
bus transfer (privately printed, 1996)
the conan doyle historical romances (Apostrophe Press, 1996)
3 toronto poems (above/ground press, 1995)
human elements (the) (Bad Moon Books, 1996)
we live at the end of the 20th century (above/ground press, 1996)
3 canada poems (above/ground press, 1995)
we live at the end of the 20th century (sampler) (above/ground press, 1995)
3 poems about rain (above/ground press, 1995)
house/sitting (above/ground press, 1994)
Poems from the Blue Horizon (Broken Jaw Press, 1994)
a penny for you(r thoughts, a quarter for your troubles) (Pooka Press, 1994)
The Solitary Circus (Pooka Press, 1994)
fugitive comfort (above/ground press, 1994)
Night on Earth (above/ground press, 1993)
AUGUST (above/ground press, 1993)
book of angels (filbertnunziopress, 1993)
LOVE & COFFEE (privately printed, 1992)


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